Introducing the topic

Explain it to me clearly
This is the introduction to my topic explaining why you the reader will be interested in this blog. Do you like live music? Do you go to see bands and think to yourself  ‘am I the oldest person in the room?’ Do you wonder what are all those people doing waving their iPhones in the air? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.
LabMarx is home to sound, performance, live music, festivals, albums, podcasts reviews and other nice postings of stuff. I go to the gig then write a review, or I might just post stuff that sounds good. You read the review, and can reply if you like?
LabMarx recommends sweet music blogs, local twenty something force The Ripeall things dance Resident Advisor, The world famous Tuesday night radio show from New York Beats in SpaceMelbourne event producers Animals Dancing. Other great links worth checking out are PitchFork and Aussie blog HypeMachine.

The current state of the nation

The live music scene in Melbourne is in a constant state of change. There’s exciting things happening and there’s also crap things happening, the recent announcement of the Palace closing to make way for more apartments is a prime example.

This blog is part reference to the past, capturing moments that may be logged only as memories. I can write all this contextualized gaff about how the topic of this blog is to embody the perspective of the music industry and how the saturation of mobile technologies have enabled multiple sharing and networking simultaneous. But hey, the truth though, is this blog will serve as a reference for myself to document music events, so that I can remember what happened as my short-term memory lessens with age.

Some other stuff

Did you know that Billy Corgan is totally corrupted by his own system? Have you had to wait three hours for Hope Sandoval to arrive on stage only to leave again, because she was unhappy with the mix? Do you care that Beck at the lofty highest of hipster fame, now can’t even remember the words to his own songs? John Spencer Blues Explosion’s voice isn’t strong enough to get to the end of the set?  Do you care Mariah Carey will make you wait for twenty minutes in the middle of her show for a costume change? Oscar Key Sung might need some stage presence coaching and a ray of sunshine to cheer him up. These are the views of LabMarx – a Richard Kingsmill wannabe of the western suburbs. 

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